A Safe, Gentle & Painless Wound Closure Option!

For Our Beloved Friends!!


VetCryl is develped to provide a safe and quick wound closure option for veterinarians world wide.

The unique cyanoacrylate formulation is based on the class of adhesives used on Humans all over the world.

VetCryl can be used on dogs, cats and other small animals and birds.

VetCryl adhesive is formulated specifically to effect an irritation free wound closure with minimal effort.

Wound closure procedures using VetCryl result in safe, quick and painless outcomes with amazing affordability.


VetCryl adhesive applicator is packaged in a peelable pouch.

VetCryl is designed to be a single use, simple to use device.

The applicator being small, is easy to store and carry.

VetCryl adhesive applicator is made up of metallic collapsible tube. This provides an excellent barrier to external moisture and dust.

The materials used to manufacture the applicator enhance the stability of the adhesive and also preserve the bond strength that keeps the edges of wound together.

A minimal pressure is required to get the device ready and little effort is used to express the adhesive out of the applicator.

VetCryl adhesive is tinted (colored) to give a good contrast against the background while applying the adhesive over the wound edges.


The area of the wound is prepared for the procedure by removing any hair around the wound site. Then the wound is cleansed and any debris is removed.

The applicator is held straigt up and the nozzle is tightened to pierce the metallic tube thus making the adhesive ready to be applied.

The applicator is inverted and bought near the edge of the wound.

The wound edges are closely approximated using gloved hand.

Slight pressure is applied over the applicator body in the middle using thumb and forefinger to express the adhesive out of the applicator through the nozzle and drop wise along the length of the appoximated wound edges.

Hold together the wound edges for a minute for bonding to complete. Surgical holding tape strips can be applied acrossthe wound to further strengthen the seal.